Available Training and Services

Advanced Pre-Hospital Care Training

Our Pre-Hospital Care courses are designed for Professional First Responders, such as Firefighters, Security Personnel, and Patient Transfer Personnel. All of our Pre-Hospital Care courses are Canadian Red Cross Certifications, taught by instructors who are also Professional Firefighters. Bringing with them, years of first hand experience responding to medical emergencies.

AED (defibrillator) Sales & Training

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is an important part of any sized first aid station. Having the right AED available, and the proper training, can literally mean life or death. With each minute before AED application, the probability of survival from sudden cardiac arrest declines by 7-10%. We can provide both the proper training and the proper device for your needs.

PPE Usage Training

Since COVID-19, the daily use of PPE is part of the new normal. It is important that businesses and their employees, are using PPE safely & properly. We provide training on the proper use, wear, and disposal of PPE.

WSIB Compliance

Most businesses are required by law to have someone on shift, with a valid St. John Ambulance Emergency First Aid Certificate, or its equivalent. We can provide this training and certification, in a clear and engaging way to your team.

First Aid Equipment & Supplies